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The Value of Community: Turning Customers into Advocates

Geoff Whiting Geoff Whiting Jan 20, 2020
The Value of Community: Turning Customers into Advocates
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One of the most challenging lifts for your marketing department is to find customers who want to engage and then regularly interact with them. Building and fostering an online community solves that concern by giving customers a way to come to you for the conversation beyond any helpdesk needs.

When people want to talk about your products, they will. What an online community does is bring that all to you, allowing you to analyze the data, interact with fans, and solve issues before they negatively impact sales.

I created this article for Adrecom to help them explain the value behind their expansion into community management tools and services. Read the full article here.

Geoff Whiting
Written by Geoff Whiting

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