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Macs In Business: Ebook For Live Consulting

Geoff Whiting Geoff Whiting Feb 20, 2019
Macs In Business: Ebook For Live Consulting
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The world has known many great rivalries where two sides were locked in a battle that seemed to last beyond time. Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison. The Hatfield’s and The McCoy’s. Coke and Pepsi. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Chocolate versus vanilla.

In enterprise environments, we have Apple’s Macs versus Windows PCs, and the two have deeply entrenched followers who are unlikely to budge an inch. And now, it’s up the most unlikely of groups to put the warfare to rest: The IT department.

This report was created for Tony Miller to use as part of an education campaign demonstrating why SMBs and ecommerce companies should consider Macs as part of their business technology speed, supporting his retail and IT services business.

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Geoff Whiting
Written by Geoff Whiting

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