Keys to Communicate Effectively During Organizational Change

Geoff Whiting Geoff Whiting Jun 17, 2019
Keys to Communicate Effectively During Organizational Change
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Whenever any organizational change is occurring, be it strategy, leadership or technology, employees tend to be skeptical. Employees can be apprehensive about any impending shift. They are comfortable with the status quo, and major changes usually don’t include communication about challenges or concerns before they happen.

When a company makes a significant shift, it is transformational for the enterprise, as well as the individuals. Here are three of the most important aspects of communicating about change to keep the individuals at the center of your organization happy and involved as you evolve.

This piece for the Human Resources Certification Institute looks at change management and how to bring those practices to employees with proper communication. Read the entire article here.

Geoff Whiting
Written by Geoff Whiting

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