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Federal Health Case Study: British Petroleum

Created this case study for Federal Heath’s first-ever brand conversion of a Pemex station to British Petroleum (BP). Federal Heath design and production teams produced the majority o...

Case-Study, Jul 02, 2018

Does Your Business Want AI or RPA?

Business process automation is a multi-billion-dollar industry where new services crop up every day under the “automation” heading. Nearly 20% of U.S. enterprises use some form of thi...

AI, Apr 12, 2018

Press Release for Made4net

Made4net and IntegraSys Empower New England Ice Cream to Maximize Operations with Cutting-Edge Warehouse, Direct Store Delivery Support

Press-Release, Apr 11, 2018

Turn Hurdles Into Opportunities By Understanding The RPA Challenges Facing SMBS

Enterprises are experts at gaining media attention when it comes to any new, exciting system or process, but the largest impact of business-positive technologies is often felt by smal...

AI, Apr 04, 2018

The Complete Cloud WMS Buyers' Guide

Every aspect of our daily lives has moved to the cloud, and your warehouse’s functionality is following the same track.

WMS, Mar 16, 2018

Insurance Analytics: Accessing External Data And Technology From The C-Suite

I interviewed with Brian Cohen, President and CEO of Pacific Specialty Insurance Company and The McGraw Company, and Mick Noland, Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer for Met...

White-Paper, Analytics, Mar 07, 2018

Emerson Bearings’ Success Stories

I created three case studies created for Emerson Bearings and we turned them into a single-page with strong CTAs designed to get people to “Speak to an expert.” The page was created i...

Case-Study, Jan 01, 2017

Executive Lessons on Modern Text Analytics

Unstructured data may be the most prevalent form of information on the planet. It exists in our e-mails, surveys, social media accounts, call center logs and even reports like this. N...

White-Paper, Aug 03, 2015

How Analytics Is Shaping HR's Role In Business

Data analytics in Human Resources is quickly becoming a new area of innovation and focus because of the insights it can provide around workforce management. Workforce analytics has em...

White-Paper, Analytics, Apr 30, 2015

The Role of Analytics In Canada's Insurance Markets

Data analysis has emerged as a key differentiator in the realm of insurance in Canada, expanding beyond the actuary and improving performance across all business units. Today’s insure...

White-Paper, Analytics, Apr 10, 2015

The Role Of Data And Analytics In Insurance Fraud Detection

Speaking with five insurance fraud leaders and partners across the globe, this paper looks at the limits of past fraud detection and why analytics holds the answer to many of its conc...

White-Paper, Analytics, Oct 01, 2014

Maximising Upsells Through Personalisation

Personalizing offers for each individual client has become a key differentiator among sites and services. Today’s carriers and online travel agencies need to have a system in place to...

White-Paper, Marketing, Jul 10, 2014

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

I worked with People’s Trust Insurance in 2014 to create a hurricane preparedness guide that was sent out to customers and located on its website. The guide focused on prevention and ...

White-Paper, Feb 03, 2014

External Data In Insurance

Insurance is a centuries-old industry built on the foundation of data collection and analysis to evaluate risk and reward. Industry practices have led insurers to obtain and review va...

White-Paper, Jan 01, 2013

How Google Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Patent

This report looks at the patent wars that were raging in 2011 and called out Google’s big shift from the champion of the little guy to a patent hawk in its own right.

Tech, White-Paper, Aug 22, 2011